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How To Build a Great Student Brand Ambassador Team

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How To Build a Great Student Brand Ambassador Team

A Student Brand Ambassador team makes a lot of sense for organisations looking to establish, or grow a presence in the student market. Many top brands have done this very successfully, tapping into trusted insiders to reach a whole new demographic of potential customers. If you’re going to build a great Student Brand Ambassador team for your business then you need to be smart about it.

Define your vision

Student Brand Ambassadors need to buy in to the business vision, whether that represents a lifestyle or a philosophy. Set out your offering clearly, including what your Brand Ambassadors will be called, what their role will be, what your expectations are and how they fit into the overall brand strategy.

Hire well

Make it easy for potential Brand Ambassadors to get in touch and send over a CV – create contact forms and links on your website and use these frequently via social media. The best students at this stage will often be those whose interests are aligned with your industry via their course topics and those keen to gain work experience. Other qualities to look for include enthusiasm and eagerness, as well as strong marketing abilities.

Don’t pay peanuts

Some brands make the mistake of assuming that students will be happy with a token payment but that’s not the case. Effective Brand Ambassadors are incredibly valuable to a business and pay should reflect that. If you decide to opt for a basic minimum wage you may not get the same commitment, enthusiasm and loyalty as you might with a more generous pay structure. If you don’t have a lot of cash resources remember that training, professional work experience and access to experienced professionals could be just as appealing.

Make use of incentives

Most of us respond very positively to incentives, which makes them a pretty powerful tool for improving performance. Give your Student Brand Ambassadors a good reason to over perform, to go above and beyond the call of duty and to use their initiative with some choice incentives. Ensure the incentives relate to your brand and if you’re using products to incentivise try to choose something distinctive that they couldn’t get elsewhere.

Knowledge is power

Key to the success of student ambassador programmes is giving your team the information and briefings they need to be able to speak with a natural knowledge. When it comes to products there is only so much that can be gleaned from usage – the rest is up to you to supply. When you’re providing a brief to Student Brand Ambassadors make sure you highlight qualities or features that are particularly important to get across. If you’re not clear about what to prioritise, the message may not be received.

Manage your team – without micro managing

Brand Ambassadors often thrive when they aren’t too tightly controlled. So, provide information, goals, targets, direction and KPIs – and then leave them to it. How they reach those goals, what they do to achieve KPIs that needs to be down to them. Otherwise you’re stuck with a team who needs you before they can take a single next step and that will make your ambassador programme difficult to scale up.

Tap into this insider source

When you have a Student Brand Ambassador team you have a direct line to your target market. That presents a unique opportunity to tweak products, services and marketing for impact and effectiveness. A resource very few brands out there have access to without considerable expenditure.

Keep it light

Students who are interested in Brand Ambassador programmes will be put off if they seem onerous or too serious. Make it fun, keep the creativity flowing and make sure the staff contact points for your students are enthusiastic, upbeat and speak their language.

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