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Creating Engaging Content that Attracts New Customers

Creating Engaging Content that Attracts New Customers

If a blog is posted online and no one is around to read it, does it still make an impact? This question is far easier to answer than its “tree in the forest” philosophical equivalent. It’s straightforward, if content is posted online and no one engages then it has no impact at all. If you’re beginning to feel like your content is almost a waste of time and energy – no engagement and no conversions – then it might be time to rethink the way that you’re creating it.

Both for clients and on our own blog posts and videos we follow 5 simple rules that leads to engaging content. It’s pretty basic stuff actually but we thought we’d share the points we always follow in the hope it helps.


Design content for your audience, not you

Your audiences are now far more demanding than in years gone by and will quickly bounce from a page that offers nothing but ticking the keywords box. So, anyone looking to create videos or blog posts that generate engagement must be using content that genuinely adds value. This will not only help your site in the search results with a wealth of organic keywords but will also help you start to build an audience that is actually engaged.

Don’t pay lip service to this, be genuine in your intention to help. If not, your target audiences will see right through it.

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Keep it short and sweet

A Microsoft survey of Canadian media consumption found that the average attention span has fallen to eight seconds. So, if your goal is to convert and engage you need to optimise those eight seconds. Be concise in communicating ideas to avoid losing readers before they get to the call to action or the key conversion content.


Embrace the visuals

Eye-tracking studies show that when we’re online we pay close attention to information-carrying images such as infographics so adding these to your content can hold attention and create genuine interest. Video creates engagement and drives shares while static images help content to grab traffic from search engines. Both video and images will boost the number of shares a piece of content is likely to receive across social media – considerably extending its reach. Plus, articles with images get 94% more total views than articles without images, a pretty compelling statistic for making visuals a priority.


Don’t forget the call to action

Without a call to action content is fairly toothless – it’s this that will drive someone from a blog page on to an engagement that can result in conversion. There’s no mystery to this element of the content, you’re simply inviting the reader to take action, whether that’s clicking a link to a product or to another page.


Be yourself

At least, be the ‘you’ that your combined brand tone, values and personality add up to. Conversational style content that feels human-to-human is much more effective than dry corporate writing. It creates trust and encourages people to engage in a positive way.

The rules of content engagement have changed enormously in recent years and there is no hiding behind bad blogs or content purely written to generate hits. However, if you create content that you’d personally find engaging to read, which is interesting, varied and embraces visuals, then you’ll soon see more impressive results.


Let us help

If you’re looking for some help in creating content for the youth, student and millennial audiences we’d love to speak. Feel free to get in touch through our site or email to find out how we can help you grow your brand, increase sales or boost your talent attraction and retention.