Tackling the B2B Content Marketing Challenge - Insight Generation
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Tackling the B2B Content Marketing Challenge

b2b content marketing challenge

Tackling the B2B Content Marketing Challenge

It seemed like a natural progression, a simple matter of organising existing talent and resources to make time for it.  After all, content marketing is a big part of what we do here anyway, so how hard could it be?

It took just one brainstorming session for us to realise that a cross-departmental analysis of youth and millennial marketing trends would be tougher than we thought, and then there’s the small matter of how we present bite-sized think pieces for the wider marketing community: a whole different audience to our usual target market.

Ultimately, we decided we’d start by opening up the thought process behind this blog, drawing on our understanding and experience of content production and marketing…

Why Share?

The first big question we asked is what we’re really trying to say here, and responses from various colleagues were surprisingly varied. Key takeaways were:

  • To develop and discuss ideas within the wider marketing community. Because as they say, sharing is caring, and we all need inspiration and feedback sometimes.
  • Create a resource cataloguing our insights, research and experiences. They’re a valuable asset like any other.
  • Provide advice and assistance to businesses looking to access the youth and millennial market, because we know not everyone has a marketing budget to hire in outside help.
  • Generate leads. It’s in last place for a reason, it’s not our priority here, but we’d be disingenuous if we left it off entirely. Research has shown that content marketing, done right, can cost 62% less than traditional marketing and generate three times the leads.

Building a Content Pipeline

After much debate, we think we hit on a pretty solid approach. It goes like this:

  1. Develop article formats. We’ve opted to focus on case studies and think pieces.
  2. Build a content calendar, and share with the office. That way everyone’s thinking on-topic and keeping their eyes open for developments, stats and case studies.
  3. Monthly brainstorms. A meeting of minds between business development, marketing and editorial to thrash out our angle before the content is written.
  4. Write. A writer’s assigned to the task and completes the piece.
  5. Sign-off. Final approval from departmental heads before publication. Just to be safe.

We want to make these discussions part of our business fabric. A reminder of the constant need to assess and analyse our work in the context of the wider market. After all, we want to learn from the experience too.


In line with our objectives, we want to be sharing these posts to build engagement and develop useful bonds with other marketing experts and businesses who are active in the youth, student and millennial market.

That means not just creating and sharing our own youth marketing insights, but engaging with those who are currently active in marketing discussions. So we look forward to seeing you on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and forums very soon!

In the meantime, what do you think? Are we missing a trick or on the right track? We’d love to hear from you.