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Tips On Tone – Adjusting Tone For Different Marketing Platroms

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Tips On Tone – Adjusting Tone For Different Marketing Platroms

The reason seems to be that many content creators view tone as synonymous with voice. Not so. You can retain your voice and message in copy across numerous platforms, while modifying your tone to reflect your audience and context. For example, let’s say your brand voice is authoritative, personal and reliable. You can still be all of these things and tweak the words you choose for different goals, say to excite someone, to incite an action or to give them assistance.

Voice characteristics are just base notes, the primary ingredients of a much richer flavour. And cultivating subtle variations in tone to characterise different media not only increases their impact, it gives each outlet a face to which your audience can respond, and has the added effect of clarifying your strategy for each.

Key questions to consider when developing your tone for different outlets are:

What do I want from this medium?

You might want adverts to incite a call to action that generates responses, and social media to engage your audience and spark interaction and sharing. You can still do both of those things while being authoritative, personal and reliable by adjusting your choice of words to be instructive in ads and conversational in social media. After all, as Kevan Lee of Buffer says, “Traffic is nice, but conversation with the reader is nicer. A glorified RSS feed is a waste of time”.

Who am I talking to?

At Insight Generation, we specialise in knowing the habit differences between freshers and soon-to-be graduates or the nuances between reaching 22 year old professionals and 30 year old millennials. So if your business has a wide or varied target audience, it could be wise to pinpoint a niche sector you’re targeting with each piece of content.

What do they want?

It’s all well and good going into your marketing plan with goals, but the focus of successful communication is always giving your audience what they want. Whether that’s a quick, clear solution to their problems or an understanding voice to engage with. As online advertisers WordStream put it, “People don’t want to buy products – they want to solve their problems.” Your tone must always be geared to providing that solution, whether it’s quick and to the point, or human and understanding.

Do I need to delegate?

Sometimes you can’t compromise your tone. A CEO in a strongly hierarchical company must guard his/her time carefully, and can’t deal with all issues which arise throughout the organisation. So what does s/he do? Identifies the best colleague to make the connection and solve the problem. In other words, delegates. The same is true for marketing.

We have a great example, recently we ran a cross-platform campaign for Strathmore Foods involving live experiential activity, editorial and social media content.  While our brand ambassadors could retain the brand’s voice clearly, the social media content was authored by our team in our tone in order to give the impression of peer recommendation, rather than clear, authoritative instruction from a food manufacturer.

The campaign was a huge success from a client perspective creating authentic engagement while keeping in line with their overall brand identity.

To get the right balance for your cross-platform campaigns, it might be necessary to do a little experimentation; but if you stay focused on those base notes of voice, and carefully consider what you want from each medium, you can quickly harness the power of tone to attract, engage and ally yourself with your audience.

If you are interested in speaking wit us on how to create the perfect content marketing or social media campaign then feel free to get in touch.